BEST toys FOR 5 YEAR OLD girls IN 2022! [40 remarkable GIFTS]

finding the best toys for 5 year old girls is a ton of fun. At five, your baby girl is old enough to want something a bit a lot more “grown-up” and engaging to keep her entertained. This is also a great time to see what captivates your girl’s interest and help her develop it; it could be art, reading, science, playing dress-up, crafts, or something outdoorsy.

Below you’ll find a large range of options for the best toys for five-year-old girls, broken down into helpful categories. While no two girls are alike, these are the toys lots of a 5-year old girl dreams of. (Bonus: kids will take pleasure in lots of of these toys, too!)

Here are the categories we’ll cover:

Award-Winning Toys
Interactive Toys
Sensory Toys
Tech-y Toys
Musical Toys
Electrical Toys
Toy sets and Dolls
Creative toys & Arts and Crafts
Outdoor Toys
Educational toys and Games

Best toys for 5 Year Old Girls

Award Winning toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Let’s start with the 2022 toy of the Year (TOTY) award Winners. These toys are the top picks for 2022, as recognized by toy industry insiders, for their ability to engage, entertain and educate.

Rainbocorns utmost sequin surprise series 2

This toy won the desired TOTY People’s choice Award, so it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Not only does it offer girls a sparkly stuffed toy to care for, but the mystery of a surprise egg whose contents are unknown adds intrigue, too. There are ten layers of fun to hatch, and it comes with a collector’s guide so your girl can collect all 13 characters. This toy is both fun and adorable, making it a clear winner among the best gifts for 5-year-old girls.

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Robot Safari

Who says that 5-year-olds are too young to be introduced to mechanical engineering? This set will show your little one to build a series of motorized robotic animals including a unicorn, baby llama, and narwhal! It’s a great intro to STEM learning and is sure to supply hours of entertainment.

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Create a Castle Sand or Snow Castle mold Set

This kit can be used to make snow or sandcastles

Your little girl can take pleasure in this versatile toy in warm or cold weather, allowing her to precision-build the sand or snow castles of her dreams. There are multiple sets available at different price points, but this 5-piece Deluxe set is a great place to start. It comes with a multipurpose tool, various battlement and window molds, and a mesh storage bag that is convenient and easy to clean.

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STEM toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

STEM toys are those geared toward Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. They can help kids develop beneficial skills. They also foster curiosity and ingenuity, making them ideal toys for 5-year-old girls, as their age makes them enthusiastic learners and problem-solvers.

FunzBo flower garden building toys for Girls

While girls can be just as skilled in STEM subjects as boys, they tend to require a bit a lot more encouragement in developing their confidence. That’s what makes this STEM toy ideal, as it is specifically geared toward girls. It’s an exceptional manipulative, using 47 pieces that your girl can mix and match and assemble in hundreds of different ways, allowing your girl to explore and learn without getting bored.

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Monkey balance math Game

This game uses such a fun way to build basic math skills! Your 5-year-old girl can work on basic addition, subtraction and counting, though it can’t be used for double-number arithmetic because the numbers only go up to 19. Still, it makes our list of best toys for 5-year-old girls because it also encourages retention and multi-dimensional learning.

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KidzLabz Crystal Mining Kit

This kit uses a great experience for girls to get a taste of science, geology, and the natural world. It simulates a real-life crystal hunt, allowing your child to “excavate” the crystals on her own. If you’re trying to find an independent play gift, this kit uses hours of fun.

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Coding Critters

This toy is a fantastic early introduction to coding – and it’s also 100 percent screen-free! It uses a storybook adventure that allows your girl to design and fix limitless coding challenges, plus the set includes interactive family pets she can care for. If you’re seeking to introduce coding in a fun and creative way, this is it.

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Interactive toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Does your little one like toys that can respond to her? These interactive toy options will fit the bill and keep her engaged and entertained.

Hi-Tech Interactive Robot Doggy

Most 5-year-old girls are into puppies and kittens, but are they ready for the responsibility? thanks to this terrific robotic toy dog, you can offer a special opportunity for your girl to play with an interactive toy dog.

Your daughter is going to fall in love with this charming gadget, which is exactly why it has earned its spot on our list of the best toys for 5-year-old girls.

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Interactive talking world Map

At the age of five, a lot of children begin to illustrate a higher understanding of the world around them, indicating interactive toys are bound to make an impact on their curious and developing minds. This talking map of the world uses a push-to-talk feature that lets kids learn a lot more than 1,000 facts about 92 countries. It is an engaging learning experience for any child, but particularly for 5-year-old girls with a curiosity about geography or travel.

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Pixie Belles Interactive Enchanted animal Toy

If you’re trying to find a toy unlike anything else your girl has, this super-unique interactive Pixie Belle will certainly make her smile! part interactive robot and part stuffed animal, they change color depending on their mood, they have interchangeable wearable tails, and they consist of a magnetic power pod that allows your girl to stick her Pixie Belle to her clothing.

There are three different ways to play with them, too: Nurture Mode, Pixie Power dance Mode, and spin Mode. this one little toy uses something for every girl!

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Sensory toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

If your girl is high-energy or anxious at times, these sensory toys are created to help her relax, focus and calm down when needed. They’re also great for developing fine motor skills.

Mad Matt-R Doh

This is one of my little girl’s favorite toys. mad Matt-R will have all your kiddos obsessed. It is much better than Kinetic sand and never DRIES OUT. This is a great sensory toy and our kids absolutely love it.

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Monkey Noodles

Besides having a super-fun name, these stretchy, twirlable and squeezable fidget strings offer hours of enjoyment for busy little hands. They stretch from just 8 inches up to ten feet long! They’re non-toxic, phthalate-free and made in the USA. They’re lots of fun for all ages (adults, too!) but particularly for preschool and Kindergarten-aged kiddos.

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Lil’Gen Water Beads

If you aren’t familiar with water beads yet, you’ll find these to be so much fun! They’re great for sensory and motor skills toys, but they also allow your girl to get creative, to color-sort and match, and to practice hand-eye coordination using the included tweezers and scooping tools.

You simply add water and let the beads “grow” for four hours, then they can be played with in a large bowl, a plastic bin, a water table, or even a child’s swimming pool or bathtub. They’re also non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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Tech-y toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Our kids are surrounded by technology these days, and their developing brains are perfectly suited to absorb it. If your little girl tends to covet your phone and other technology, these toys will make her feel a lot more grown-up with a few tech-y gadgets of her very own.

Osmo genius Starter kit for iPad

This hands-on learning game will last your girl for lots of years, as it consists of different levels of learning up to age 10. Your little lady can practice her spelling, math, problem-solving, and creativity all while having fun and playing oyunlar.

*Note that this toy requires an iPad, which is not included.

Available on Amazon

Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch

Adult smartwatches have nothing on this charming version for little girls! It has 55 different digital and analog enjoy faces so it can be used to learn tell time, and it also comes with two cameras for taking photos and videos. It’s splash and sweat-proof (though it must not be submerged) and the wristband can be changed out in three basic steps.

It also comes with complimentary content, like a monster-catcher game, a motion sensor for active play challenges, and a pedometer for step-counting. If your girl likes feeling grown-up, this is absolutely one of the best gifts for 5-year-old girls.

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Vtech KidiZoom Camera

This might look like just another toy camera, but it actually takes real digital photographs. Your girl can take selfies, snap photos of her friends, record videos or use the voice-only recorder. It also comes with a few built-in games, a photo collage template, and 35+ fun filters and effects to add to pictures.

You can connect it to your computer to download your budding photographer’s creations, though it requires a micro USB cable, which is sold separately.

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Musical toys for 5-Year-Old Girls

Music is great for kids for so lots of reasons. It’s often a shared activity, indicating it can help to foster social-emotional skills, and kids can also learn to express their emotions through music. Of course, music also nurtures your girl’s creativity and imagination.

Move2Play Motown Magic Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Do you have a budding performer? This microphone comes loaded with 30 popular songs, but its Bluetooth cOnnection, Spotify, Apple Music veya YouTube kütüphanenizde herhangi bir şarkıyı çalabileceğini gösterir. Stereo akustik hoparlörler, kızınızı gerçek bir yıldız gibi hissettirecek ya da bir sincap sesiyle şarkı söylemesine izin verebilecek ses efektleriyle eğlenebilir. Şarj edilebilir pil, sekiz saate kadar eğlence sürer.

Amazon’da mevcut

Stoie’nin Uluslararası Ahşap Müzik Seti

Bu harika müzik enstrümanı seti, oyuncakların tonlarca eğlenceli olmak için gösterişli görünmediğinin kanıtıdır. Bir tef, bir kastanet, bir el tambur, iki el çantası, bir maraca, bir flüt, bir ahşap blok ve çubuk, bir ahşap ses ve bir çubuk ile bir çim çubuğu içerir. Çok çeşitlilikle, çocukları farklı müzik türlerine tanıtmanın harika bir yoludur. Hepsi boya veya kimyasallardan ücretsiz olan ve çevreye de dost olan dayanıklı, çocuk dostu ahşap ile yapılmıştır. Ayrıca kolay depolama veya taşıma için yararlı bir pamuk taşıma çantası ile birlikte gelir.

Uluslararası enstrümanlar ile müzik yaratmak, kızınızın güvenini geliştirmesine ve dünyanın diğer kültürleri hakkında açık fikirli hale gelmesine yardımcı olma avantajına sahiptir.

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VTech Rock ve Bop Müzik Çalar

Beş yaşındayken, küçük kızınız güneş altındaki her şey hakkında kendi zevklerini ve görüşlerini geliştirmeye başlıyor – müzik dahil! Bu çocuk dostu müzik çalar, favorilerini tekrar tekrar oynamasına izin verecek. Ayrıca, her şarkıyı üç farklı tarzda (klasik, hip-hop ve rock) çalacak bir özellik içerir, böylece farklı müzik geleneklerini keşfedebilir.

Bu müzik çalar ayrıca çocukların mektupları, sayıları, hayvanları, enstrümanları, anlatmak ve daha fazlasını öğrenmelerine yardımcı olan on müzikal öğrenme oyunu ile yüklenir. Kızınızın kulaklarını da güvende tutmak için hacim korumalı çocuk dostu kulaklıklarla birlikte gelir. Dahil edilen iki AAA pil gerektirir.

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Gadget’ları seven 5 yaşındaki kızlar için en iyi oyuncaklar

Elbette, açık oyun oyuncakları eğlencelidir, ancak çoğu zaman biraz daha fazla gadget ile bir oyuncak istersiniz. Bu oyuncakların hepsi küçük parmaklarla kolayca çalıştırılır, ancak bazı ebeveynler kurulumu gerektirebilir.

Crayola elektrikli hava fırçası kiti

Bu müthiş elektronik sprey kalem sanat eseri, dekorasyon ve çizim için en iyisidir. Kalemin pilinin ortalama çalışma zamanı kırk dakikadır, 5 yaşındaki dikkat süresi için yeterince uzun ve küçük bir proje için idealdir. Kalem, beş şablonla birlikte yıkanabilir suluboya işaretlerine sahiptir. Endişelenme, boya yıkanabilir!

Amazon’da mevcut

Kids Güç Alet Atölyesi

Her küçük kız güçlenmiş ve bağımsız hissetmelidir ve bu araç tezgahı ve elektrik aletleri seti ona herhangi bir şey yapabileceğini hatırlatacaktır. Set, bir matkap, bant ölçütü, tornavida ve daha fazlası dahil olmak üzere 75’den fazla parça içerir ve hepsi işlevsel ve mantıklıdır – hala oldukça güvenli olsa da.

Sadece araç setleri eğlenceli olmakla kalmaz, aynı zamanda el-göz koordinasyonunu, mantıksal düşünmeyi ve mekansal hayal gücü yeteneklerini geliştirmeye yardımcı olurlar. Küçük bayanın evin etrafında çalışarak annemi ve babayı taklit etmekten hoşlanıyor ya da sadece yaratıcı oyunu seviyor, bu araç seti 5 yaşındaki kızınız için harika bir hediye olacak.

Amazon’da mevcut

5 yaşındaki kızlar için oyuncak setleri ve bebekler

Oyuncaklarla ilgili çocuklar için yaratıcı olanaklar açan bir şey var. İşte bizim en çok beğendiklerimizden bir kaç tanesi.

Sağlıklı kökler bebek zoe

Zoe (ve hayattan daha büyük güzel saçları) küçük çocuğunuzun buklelerini sevmeyi öğrenmesine yardımcı olabilir. Saçları, düşünebileceğiniz herhangi bir şekilde yıkanabilir ve şekillendirilebilmesi için özel olarak yaratılır. Farklı saç stillerini test ederken gerçek ürünleri bile kullanabilirsiniz!

Vinil uzuvlar ve yumuşak bir vücut gövdesi ile 18 ″ yüksekliğindedir, bu da onu küçük çocuğunuzun gittiği her yere getirmesi için en iyi bebek haline getirir.

*Zoe o kadar yüksek talep görüyor ki sık sık satıyor! Ama her zaman bir ön sipariş verebilirsiniz.

Mevcut fiyatları kontrol edin

Melissa ve Doug Sweet Hearts ahşap boncuk seti

Bu, küçük ellerin kullanması için kolay olmak için özel olarak hazırlanmış bir ahşap kalp boncuk setidir. El sanatlarını ACCE ile birleştirir

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