Sometimes He Tests Our Patience

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Bu bir test. This is only a test. This is a test of the emergency Mommycast System. This is only a test.

I believe that I am being tested. Not only is my patience being tested, but my stress level is being tested, how I control my mood is being tested and my nerves. because so many new things are going to occur in my life in the near future God decided to test my “mommycast” system. I think he wants to know just how much I can handle before I flip out and have a nervous breakdown. has He ever tested you?

September was quite an adventure for me, personally and professionally. I was being prepped for what is to come in the next few months. The beginning of the month my family was still trying to adjust to the new school schedule. The little ones did not like to be piled in the van so I could take their big sister to school early in the morning. He tested my patience. how can I handle three whiny, tired kids at 7 am every morning? I think I passed that test because today I am able to get them in the van in less than five minutes without complaints.

He also tested my patience when my spouse applied for a promotion at work. The six weeks after he applied and then found out that he got the job felt like a lifetime. but now my patience is being tested once again as we wait for our rental application to process. because we have rented in Wisconsin and California they are taking extra long with the background checks. The management company also has to check our background in Washington because that is where we will be renting. Dear God, please help me pass this test.

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My stress level was tested when I ran into some “issues” with this blog. now that, that is over with I am proud to say I did not go completely insane, I actually slept pretty well that whole week and my kids still recognize me. teşekkürler Tanrım. I think I passed that test.

He is also testing my marriage. For the past three weeks my spouse has been flying out of town and staying away for four days in a row each time. I have grown so used to having him here every evening to help me with the kids and give me a “mommy break.” I miss my “mommy breaks.” but I also know that I need to get used to this. My spouses new job requires him to travel a lot and put in longer hours. just the other night for example he had to go out to dinner with clients at 8pm. before this job when 8pm rolled around Chris was home and helping me put the kids to bed. now that I am seeing him less and less we are becoming more and more disconnected. how much of this can I handle? God is testing me.

God never gives us more than we can handle. I’ve always believed this and always will. He knows what the future holds for myself and my family. All I know is that I will be moving to an unknown place, be surrounded by unknown people and welcome an unknown child into this world. My family will have to adjust once again to a new schedule, a new home, new schools, new church and new community. I don’t know how friendly my neighbors are going to be or how long it will take for me to make pals or how long it will take for my kids to adjust. God knows and he is testing me before these big changes take place. Is He testing you?

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