Why I support Donald Trump for president

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What I am about to say may anger some of my fans and readers and some people may say nasty things about me.  But, we are at a very crucial time in American history and this election is unlike any other election we have ever had.  The future of our country is hanging in the balance.  In this election the American people have a choice between continuing on a path led by the liberal progressives to fundamentally change and alter the country and our constitution, or stick up for our constitution and become the great nation that we once were.

When our constitution was signed someone asked the great founder Benjamin Franklin, “What kind of country did you give us?”

Dr. Franklin replied, “A republic if you can keep it.”

When our nation first began politicians not only represented the people, but they worked for the people to get laws passed that would improve the lives of Americans.  The President, the senators, and congress worked for us, the people. Our great republic is slowly being chipped away by the growing government. We need to restore our freedoms and personal liberties that made America exceptional and allowed people like Donald Trump to become successful.

Today, when politicians run for office they depend on big donors in purchase to afford to campaign.  Then the donors and the very packs make their candidate guarantee to pass laws that favor their interests.  This has been going on for a long time in American politics.  The big donors get someone elected and the elected official now works for the donors, not the people.

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In 2010 the people of this great nation revolted against president Obama’s policies and elected  a majority of Republicans in both houses of congress.  They promised us they would repeal and replace Obama Care, de-fund planned Parenthood among other things.  I was thrilled after the election of 2010 and felt hopeful that Obama would not be able to continue with his destructive policies during the last half of his administration, because we finally had Republicans that would stick up for us.

Now it’s 2016 and we still have Obama Care.  My health insurance costs have gone up.  My husband finally has a good paying job, but we can not afford to put our whole family on his health policy so the kids are still on Medicaid.  Planned Parenthood is still being funded and continues to kill thousands of innocent babies.  Obama continued with his executive orders and Congress did nothing to stop the reckless Obama agenda.  We were betrayed by the people we trusted to represent us in Washington and we are angry. It is time to take our country back.

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Donald Trump will not accept donations for his campaign.  He can not be bought.  He understands why the people are angry and he promises to work for us.  This is why the Republican establishment is so upset and they are trying everything that they can to destroy Trump.

The political elite and Republican establishment are used to the way things have always been.  They get millions and millions of dollars from rich donors so they are able to remain in power.  The donors are scared that if Donald Trump becomes president he won’t sign or enforce what ever laws, bills or policies that they are paying Congress to pass. For example, if you are the CEO of a big company and you reached out to 50 different representatives in Congress and provided them money in return for passing legislation that is beneficial to their business, a Trump president may or may not sign it or enforce it. So they are doing everything that they can to stop him from getting the nomination.  Our government ought to not be bought.  They need to represent us, the people and not the wealthy, corporate elite class.

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The Republican establishment is destroying their party by chosing not to support Trump.  I am ashamed that I ever considered myself a Republican.

We need to support Donald Trump.  He is the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton.  He draws huge crowds and is bringing in supporters from nearly every demographic.  The voter turn out for very Tuesday on the Republican side in 2016 has surpassed the voter turn out in the same states during the primary in 2012.  ABC reported that GOP voter turnout for the twElve çok Salı eyaletleri 8 milyonun üzerindeydi. Uluslararası şirket Times’a göre, Salı eyaletlerinin çoğunda Donald Trump’ın oyları Mitt Romney’in 2012’de aldığı neredeyse iki kat daha fazla idi.

Demokratlar bu seçimde daha az enerjiktir. ABC ayrıca Salı eyaletlerinde Clinton ve Sanders için seçmen katılımının sadece 5,5 milyon olduğunu bildirdi. Genel seçimin sonucu seçmen katılımına bağlı olacaktır. Trump sandıklara milyonlarca daha fazla insan getirebilirse kazanır. Cumhuriyetçi kuruluş, aracılıklı bir kongre yapmayı başarırsa ve halkın iradesini temsil etmeyen bir aday seçerse, 2016 oy vermek yerine evde kalacağım ilk cumhurbaşkanlığı seçimi olacak. Tüm Trump taraftarlarını da aynısını yapmaya çağırıyorum. Trump’ı desteklemezsek, Hillary bir sonraki başkan olacak ve Lincoln’a, “Hükümet, Halkın, Halklar ve Halklar tarafından” veda edebilirsiniz. Clinton yönetimi altında halkı temsil eden hükümet bu dünyadan yok olacak.

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Donald Trump, politikaları hakkında çok daha fazla bilgi için ve Amerika’yı tekrar harika hale getirmek için kampanyaya katılmak için Donaldjtrump.com’u ziyaret edin.

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