Are you sabotaging your efforts?

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, healthy Families!              This post will be short and to the point. I’ll warn you now, it will feel like I’m yelling at you, but I most likely am. read it, understand it, follow it. It could save your efforts.

           It’s the best advice we could possibly get. The one thing that every dieter loves to hear, “cheat every once in a while.” we all love to see that as one of the bullet points in your fitness magazines, or one of the top points our trainers make; but are you taking it the wrong way? “Every once in a while” is a term that we have thrown around, stomped on, chewed up and spit out into a term that we, well frankly, want to hear. We like the idea that we need to “cheat” every once in while, which thank God we do; and of course we love to see those “healthier” recipes in those magazines and health sites, but most of us think those healthier options can be consumed at any time of the day, any day of the week.


It’s true, we do need to cheat. It’s good for your metabolism, and its good to replenish glycogen stores in your muscles, but I guarantee that man or lady, on the front cover of that magazine, never touched that “healthy holiday dessert”, or the “cheesecake without the guilt”.

I understand you can play the “but its healthier than the other thing, right” card all day, but lets stop getting “not so bad” and start getting “healthy”.

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Let’s get real, people! stop lying to yourself and put down the crap!!

“Every once in a while” does not mean “every few hours”, “every night”, or even “every two days”. Every once in while is more like 7 days. That’s a cheat meal every week. ONE cheat meal a week. the same meal every Saturday. Now, they are fair game, you can have whatever you want and never feel guilty, but that’s if you didn’t ruin your diet with a few “every once in while” snacks throughout the week. If you did, your cheat meal is now a “weight gainer” meal.

I know, I know, your mad because you have a friend that is eating “cheat meals” every time you see him/her. They eat pizza, burgers, and breakfast tacos ALL. THE. ZAMAN! Well, do you see what he or she eats when your not around? Oh, you don’t see them eat grilled chicken and asparagus at every dinner? You don’t see them never pick up a candy bar, soda, or bag of chips? You don’t see the insane amount of work they put into the gym? You have to stop comparing your diet/workout to others. just because you saw them eat that pizza the other night doesn’t mean they go out and drink beer and eat buffalo wings every weekend. Don’t justify eating bad everyday because you saw that “fit” guy eating bad.

Here are a few points to help you avoid unwanted cheats:

Don’t buy things to have in the house for later cheats

Curb your cravings for sweets with an apple or orange 

Verbally say, “no” when you think that you want something “bad”

Tell everyone you know that you are trying to avoid that kind of food so you will have tons of accountability partners

Enjoy your cheat meal when you do have it

Never feel guilty for having a cheat meal. that will ruin it.

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Now don’t get me wrong, when you’re merely trying to maintain your weight and losing weight is no longer a goal, “every once in a while” can be more frequent, but cheats should still be limited to 2-3 meals bir hafta. You don’t want start gaining back all that weight you lost because you want to eat a cheeseburger on Friday and Saturday. Don’t be stupid, It’s not worth sabotaging your efforts.

Now that I’ve planted this thought in your head, don’t go eat a sandwich for lunch. have some grilled chicken or turkey. have some veggies at a meal other than dinner, for Pete’s sake!!!

So, I’m sure I’ll think of more to say on this topic later(it pushes my buttons), but until then, work hard, eat right, and don’t sabotage your efforts for ” just a little sweet” every gece.

P.S. I will post later about what a true “cheat” meal is. You’re probably cheating way more than you think.

            Robby Vance Is the owner of Txfitness, and operates in the austin/san marcos, TX area. Robby graduated with a degree is exercise and sports science from Texas state university, and he is currently certified through ACT. TxfitnessYaklaşık bir yaşında ve Robby 5 yıldan fazla bir süredir sağlık ve fitness ortamında çalışıyor. Robby, sağlıklı ve iyi dengeli bir yaşam yaşamak için geçerli, gerçekçi bilgiler sağlamaya çalışır; Ve ana odağı güç/kas geliştirme ve diyet ve egzersiz yoluyla yağ kaybıdır. Robby, her bireyi rahatlık alanlarından çıkmaya ve her zaman istedikleri büyüklüğü elde etmeye teşvik etmek için çalışır. Bir Moms dergisine katkıda bulunan bir erkek kişisel antrenör olmayı dört gözle bekliyor. Robby, 3 Ekim itibariyle bir kız çocuğunun babasıdır, bu yüzden bakış açısı bir eğitmen ve babadan olacak ve bu dergiye iyi bir katkı olacak. Bu bilgileri yardımcı buldunuz mu? Sağlıklı Moms dergisine desteğinizi göstermek için buraya tıklayın.

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