Mind/Body Chemistry 301

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This is the 64 million dollar question, which is a small amount to the billions of dollars spent on today’s medical treatments. In fact, when society is sick, these billions of dollars are spent on disease care, not health care. Does any individual believe a pill or a pharmaceutical drug is about a person’s health? modern medicine saves us to survive a little longer, which only affects insurance company statistics. Is that health? What happens when you surrender and give your body to mother Nature? So lots of physical changes at first, eventually you will relax, abundant energy and nutrients in the body will manifest a satisfied mind. Being satisfied in mind and body are our highest emotional pleasures. Human psychology and physiology is about cause to an effect behavior; so much fun when an animal is healthy. The mental and physical planes love health, sharing and resonating with their significant other.

Our planet’s food chain feeds the plants and animals of our world. These planetary foods are making life on earth healthy. plant and animal health is first an “alkaline” biochemistry. The genetics of life and our evolution is a microscopic oceanic environment; an alkaline sea created for our cells to live and function in. From the air, water, and foods, we consume energy and nutrients and life goes on. The chemistry of animals is easy to understand; seasonal life needs fresh alkaline supplies of cosmic radiation. Plants and animals need energy and nutrients each day and our sun’s process never changes, creating these activities for all life. This planetary lifestyle bathes us with an alkaline environment. Carnivores, herbivores and everyone in between, we all live the genetic alkaline lifestyle. Life draws daily an evolutionary bath of alkaline foods to be energized and nourished, compliments of our Creator. Nature fed us in the past, feeds us today and plans a future for the wildlife of Earth.

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The food chain makes this happen. To maintain our alkaline chemistry is simple, live in an alkaline environment. The word “live” is used for what goes on “inside” our body and between our ears. Oil floats on water; it’s a natural law. No matter what any individual thinks, these manufactured man-made “whatever’s” float on our natural world and will never mix. inside our bodies, Marshall law reigns and anything “not Self” is attacked and eliminated from our bodily environment. Acidic substances are one of the greatest problems to combat our alkaline biochemistry. We think they are foods. real energy and nutrients are not strangers to life, being “Self” over “not self” matters. Not self “matter” comes with an expiration date, then its trash in time. When Nature expires, the “Self” matter, indicating Nature, disappears into the recycling sunsets of life.

There is one problem with all this feminine energy of mother Nature; the patriarchal egos of an man-made society of ‘good old boys’ manipulating the “Tree of Knowledge” to control others. Mining the gold for their trophies, what is mother Nature going to do? At some point, our bodies can’t take any a lot more of what floats and disrupts our biochemistry. The alkaline environment becomes ill with too much acid.  Let’s do a comparison. The woman has her hands in the air as a victory sign for health and love. The man looks at his “foot-long” obsession like a sex toy, addicted to lust. The victory sign is the lean effects of an alkaline lifestyle. The acidic grasping at insatiation is an limitless material loop; the brain never satisfies with process foods, deficient or completely without any energy and nutrients.

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